User Guide

FMV Adapter

The clamping range of the FMV Adapter is roughly 37.3-41mm.  For smaller Haag Streit BQ 900 eyepieces, please use the included Adapter Ring (for Haag Streit BM 900 slit lamps, you will also need to purchase the elastic adapter ring for this specific model).  If your eyepiece has a diameter of around 38-39mm and the FMV Adapter is not clamping firmly enough, you can try using the included BQ 900 Elastic Adapter Ring or add a few layers of electrical tape around the eyepiece.  This Elastic Adapter Ring can be left attached to the eyepiece.

For photos; I use an application called Camera+ 2 on my iPhone XR.  It allows me to manually select and lock the camera's focus and exposure.  It also allows me to save RAW images - which is a huge bonus.  I also generally take bursts of 5 or 10 pictures at a time and delete the ones I don't need later on.

For videos; I find that the iPhone's integrated camera application works quite well.

Simply clamp your phone with the camera lens as centred as possible into the FMV Adapter.  Next, clamp the FMV Adapter onto your microscope's eyepiece. Depending on the diameter of the eyepiece, you may have to make small adjustments to the phone clamp location so that the camera lens is aligned with the microscope's optics.  I have found that a lot of slit lamps have loose or wobbly eyepiece extenders.  This can sometimes make it slightly more difficult to get everything aligned properly.  In such instances, I usually tilt the phone slightly while taking the photos in order the achieve proper alignment. With time (and practice!), you'll determine the best placement for your own equipment.

*Never store the FMV Adapter in the 'locked' position at risk of over-stretching the elastic.  They are rated for 660% elongation, however in order to decrease the chances of premature failure over time please store it  'unlocked'.  Also, don't manually flex the clamping ring/arms in or out at risk of over stressing the plastic housing.


A note on device compatibility:  I have tried to make the FMV Adapters as universal as possible.  However, as there is so much variation in mobile phone/case thickness and camera placement, it unfortunately will not work on every device.

The FMV Adapter has a 'reach' of 13mm.  Therefore, as long as the center of the camera is within 13mm of the edge of your phone (top or side edge), this should work for you. This adapter will clamp to devices up to 12mm thick.  I have a very thin case of my XR, but I have used this on an XS with a thick Apple case with no issues (the case also helped the adapter clamp evenly onto the dual camera bump).  Dual camera models may require the use of a case to flatten the camera bump.

The FMV Adapter XR has a 'reach' of 21mm.  It also has a larger clamping capacity and will accommodate phones with cases up to 16mm thick.

If you're unsure of these measurements, you can do a google image search for "your phone model + technical drawing" to check the dimensions of your phone.

*Apple provides technical drawings for all of their devices!  Page 126 of the following document has quick links to each of their devices:

iPhones 4 and newer should all be compatible.  Models with multiple rear cameras and 'Plus' models will work better with the FMV Adapter XR and may fit better when you have a case on the phone.